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Ferry from Aktau, Kazakhstan to Baku, Azerbaijan - HELP PLEASE

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Ferry from Aktau, Kazakhstan to Baku, Azerbaijan - HELP PLEASE

If there is anyone out there in the cycling community that has any up-to-date information on Aktau, Kazakhstan and ferries from there it would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan with 2 friends and will be cycling through Uzbekistan later this month.

There is a 400-600km section between Uzbek and Kazak that has some sort of dirt track but is very hard to find any up-to-date information, especially regarding water and possible towns.

There are about 4 other cycle tourists also here and planning to do the same route.


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** Update Here is a the info

** Update

Here is a the info I compiled about crossing the Caspian sea

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The dirt track between Kazakstan and Uzbekistan and ferry info

We cycled the other direction, and caught the ferry the other direction... so we took the cargo ship from Baku in Azerbaijan to Aktau in Kazakstan. See our blog post for more info on this ferry crossing and how it works... (the ferry only goes when it's full). It cost us $110 US each, but the guys at the ferry port tried to bribe us and tell us the ferry was full. It will never be full, so don't be bribed by them if they try!)
Also, for info on the dirt track between Kazak and Uzbek, see
The road has tea houses along the way, spaced apart about 60 or 70km, you can get more info as you go along. you can sleep in these teahouses for free, just buy some food from them, and there is always a room with matresses and pillows that they will pull out for you. there is one section that we did by train, and that was from the border town at beyneau in kazakstan to kungrad in uz. if you have any more questions, email us: krista[AT]ridehimalaya{dot}com or have a look at some of our photos on our website which will show you the conditions of the track etc
Good luck!

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