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Highway 1 California

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Highway 1 California

Anyone got any advice or dos/don'ts for Highway 1 in California. Flights booked but nothing else for a month in June/July 2018. Flying into and out of San Francisco. We like to average 45-55 miles per day and no camping!

We know that H1 is closed at Mud Creek.

Mike and Fiona

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Highway 1

Thanks for the FB connection

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One of the highlights of the

One of the highlights of the coastal journey is the amazing campgrounds.  The campgrounds are filled with cyclists, so every night is like a celebration.  If you are heading south, you will most likely be camping with the same cyclists each night.

You will find motels along CA 1 and US 101, but they may be pricey.  There are more active WS members in the south than in the north.


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Should be a great trip. The 1 out of SF has a good shoulder and some separated routes alongside the highway (make sure to do the short but way great old 1 devil’s slide trail just south of pacifica) but the shoulder is for sure tight through Big Sur. Still great but with the road being open to cars again now, one has to stay right and watch autos at turnouts. Going into LA the one is rough...just be prepared mentally for fast moving traffic and cars in your shoulder and jump on that beach bike path as soon as you can! Have fun!

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