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Buy bikes in Istanbul?

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Buy bikes in Istanbul?

Hi there,

in April/May we want to travel through Iran and Turkey (without bikes) and then buy two bikes in Istanbul in order to cycle back to Germany. Accomodation in Istanbul would be great, but first oft all we would need some help with the following questions:

- where are good bikedhops in Istanbul?

- where do we get good outdoor equipment

- best routes to leave Istanbul towards Edirne by bike

Any hints are very welcome! Thank you!!

Stefanie and Simon

P.S.: once we are back home bikers are welcome at our house in Freiburg, Germany!

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buy bikes in istanbul

there are lot's of quality bike shops in istanbul, most of them are on the anatolian side. one of them, who is also a perfect mechanic is mr. gursel akay (‭0 530 551 6676‬ GSM) who will find your needs. say hallo from me and if you need any help in istanbul feel free to call me (0 532 421 2210 GSM) >mustafa dorsay

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Bike shop

The Most wellknown bike shop in Istanbul is Bisiklet Gezgini.

Greetings to Rahman, Alex and Secil.

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Bike shop Istanbul

Bisiklet Gezgini, branch of De Vakantiefietser in Amsterdam, closed last January. Bad news for all cyclists. More and more well-educated Turkish people with money are leaving their country - guess why ! The market for top bikes like Idworx, Koga and Santos went down. Sad!

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That's really sad

Sorry to hear this bad news. Was there 2 years ago and was a real pleasure to meet them.

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Hey there!

Hey there!

We bought trecking bikes of good quality in the store bike and outdoor which in on the anatolian side and drove with them to austria without problem. The service and price was exelllcent. i still drive with my bike to work every day and still satisified. Have a safe trip!


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