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Europe - Are there public picnic tables along the way?

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Europe - Are there public picnic tables along the way?

I'll cycle Amsterdam - Bilbao 25/8, will I find public picnic tables readily available along the way and on the campsites?
My question primarily concerns Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain but really spans other European countries as well (apart from Scandinavia where I'm from and know there are) and maybe the other continents in general.

The reason for asking is whether I should bring an 500g alu 3 legged camping/hunting stool to save my back or if I can rely on public tables. I saw a youtube video with one claiming the stool was the best thing he had ever brought but I try to go light weight and bring as few stuffs as possible and a stool is quite luxurious..

Thanks in advance!

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We always carry ultra-light, foldable, simple chairs with us. Choose your own model, weight, comfort and price, depending of the outdoorshop. Along the road we are always happy to stop and sit down when we like it, independend if there are tables/chairs available...

However, there are enough other cyclists who leave chairs at home and are just satisfied with a layer of grass to sit in.

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In France

 along the way 

Sometimes but quite unpredictable

and on the campsites

Very rare 

I use this with my mats

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We have cycled Netherlands,

We have cycled Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain and have found very few picnic tables along the way. Campsites do not usually provide tables either although there are exceptions. Take your own stool. We got tired of sitting on the ground at campgrounds but there was usually no alternative. Same with Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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Sometimes there are sometimes

Sometimes there are sometimes not. Use them when you find them. A wall or tree can also make a comfortable back rest. 500g is not too much to carry though. Enjoy your ride  It is 19 years since I cycled through France but back then they had many very nce cheap åeaceful rural campsites that were called either Camping ala Ferme or Aire Natural. Usually only a few caravans were allowed but always space for cyclists. I enjoyed staying at them.

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Sounds like it will be

Sounds like it will be worthwhile bringing an extra item!
Thanks for your answers, really appreciate it!

Regarding the chair solution using your sleeping mats sounds cool but at the same time seem kind of fragile and some hassle if you just want to take a shorter stop.

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