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Campings in France in late october (and wild camping possibilities)

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Campings in France in late october (and wild camping possibilities)

Me and my wife are going to traveling by bikes together to France in late october and early november and except WS hostings we are plan to use campings. But have some doubts for the last. Are any campings still open that time? Specifically interesting Champagne, Alsace and Franche-Comté regions which we will cross.
Also what do you think about staing for the night with wild camping (but stealth for sure) in France? Is it restricted?

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Camping in France in October

There is generaly no problem with wild camping in France any time of the year, if you respect the law of « bivouac »:one night if you leave early, and of course clean up your place, but it’s absolutely legal on every public spaces. Lots of camping are closed in autumn and september, but you could try anyway.

Weather is becoming rainy and cold in the places you mentionned in November, so bring up warm clothes for the camping nights. Whenever you choose the wild camping option, think of visiting the local swiming pools in the neighborhood, to wash and warm up for cheap after a cold night.

Have a good trip !


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Easy to free camp in France

Hi Arcady and Tatyana

Don't worry it's very easy to free camp in France especially in the regions you mentioned Champagne, Alsace or Franche Comte. We always do so when cycling in France. You will find places along rivers or lakes or in forests except sometimes along the Mediteranean coast where it can be forbiden but in this case you will find special signposting. Or you can ask in farms to set the tent and you will probably be invited inside if the weather is bad. In Strasbourg, my daughter Maylis is on the WS network cloesd to the Euroepan Parliament. In october and november, the weather can be wet and cold in this part of France, better in south-east... Enjoy your trip in France !

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We found many camps close

We found many camps close sometime in August or September so you will have great difficulty relying on campgrounds later than this.

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camping in France

Most Alsace  are closed by then. However, some also have a few "permanent" residents in caravans and wee cottages. I found that these people were very eager to invite me into the ground as their "guest" showed me the best places to put my tent and gave me access to the shower/toilet block. Discrete wild camping is also very possibe - just don't set up till late in the day. Also check for hostels . 

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Wild camping in closed campsites

We did a similar trip a few years ago, though it was just out of season, and a few times ended up 'wild camping' in closed campsites.  If one is on your route it might be worth checking it out first before finding an alternative wild camp spot.

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