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Florida Tour, looking for riding buddies or any info

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Florida Tour, looking for riding buddies or any info

Hey guys! I'm hoping to do a tour soon through Florida during the month of June. Starting in Jacksonville and zigzagging across the state and ending in Key West. Anyone want to join for some or all of it?

Also, any thoughts? Think it will be too hot at that time? Has anyone biked through Florida? :]

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florida biking

We had a good time biking in central Fla, spent a week and rode a loop from Orlando up to St Augustine and back, mostly on backroads, stopping at several springs. This was in the winter and the locals did tell us that it was not so great to camp around there in the summer. We also heard from several people that south of Orlando biking is dangerous. Fla has the highest rate of cyclist fatalities. There are lots of roads where people go fast and there is not much shoulder. I also used Google Maps and found lots of great bike paths and rail trails to incorporate into our ride.The route to the Keys is on my list to do. You can take a ferry, I think its from Fort Myers to Key West.

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