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Europe route recomemndation

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Europe route recomemndation

Looking for bikepacking route recommendations in Europe from people that have lots of riding experience there. If you were to choose you an all time favorite, what would it be? I'm looking for a really really cool route that I can do in a span of 10-14 days.

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You can see here:

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depend also

if tou live abroad whitch airport do you plan to reach ? 

as the train ans bus are not always esay ( sometimes very complicated )  with a bike 

make tu good choice for your departure 

danemark , holland, germany have a lot of VERY good cycle path 

france have some ( velodyssée , loire , viarhona , burgundy , alsace ) 

you can have a look at the picture on commercial web site 

look at the germlan version ( as the english is more light) 

use google translate

and here all the itinearies ( scroll on to see more) in the right down corner!44.9366!8.3697

and for MTB!47.1002!1.4568




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Switzerland to Sudtirol

There are a lot of good routes in Europe and results will vary but Geneva to Andermatt to Thusis to Albulapass to Nauders to Trento to Bassano del Grappa was high quality and about 10-14 days. Nauders to Bolzano to Trento to Bassano del Grappa was almost entirely on bike paths separated from the road, and the best section of a 40 day trip thru Italy and Switzerland.

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