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My bicycle got stolen in London

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My bicycle got stolen in London

Hi guys!

You may remember me from the post asking about trains in Europe. So, after 3 months travelling across Europe during the harsh winter I finally made my way into the UK, where I cycled all the way from Dover to London.

On the night of 13th to 14th January my only possession that I cared the most was stolen, the bicycle... it's gone. I find myself in London without much money and without the bike, desperately looking for cash in hand jobs to maybe recover my life.

The bike in question is a 2018 Scott Aspect 950 L 29" mountain bike. I have really low hopes of finding it, but I'm motivated to work hard if needed to buy another one and keep on going with my journey.

And a tip.. if you are in London, don't leave your bicycle ANYWHERE!

Cheers, Arthur.

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where was the bike  in the city , an hostel ? 

have you a good locks ? 

it is unfortunatly the same in lots of big city 

look at second hands website as gumtree , preloved , bikesoup ,Facebook groups such as Bikes for Sale , ebay 

and cross fingers 

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Stolen Bike

Go to a library and type out in your best creative hand the complete story of your trip and problems in London.  Give this one page creation along with a photo or two to every newspaper in the city.  I have seen this done whereby it is printed as a human interest story.  The help response may come in amazing ways.  Good luck!

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It was stolen from the garden

It was stolen from the garden in front of N8 Hostel in Seven Sisters - London! The news idea is actually really good, I'll try that! 

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Recovered bike

Dont give up hope ! My wife had her bicycle stolen in France as luck would have it I had to go back to the post office in the same city three weeks later and as I was standing outside the building my son pointed out a bike and said " hey dad that mans got the same bags as mum " well iv looked around and they were indeed her panniers still on her bike , he was rideing uphill so I had no problem catching up with him and throwing him to the ground and educating him on stealing , she has her bike and bags without the contents but a good dinner story , the perpetrator ran away with blood from both his face and my hands but he most likely has a dinner table story as well only his didn't have a happy ending .

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