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I am planning a trip to Brittany this year. I have acquired the Sustrans "Green Ways" and started planning.  However, I have had difficulty finding any warm shower hosts in Brittany.  Surely there are some? Even one? But I could not find any at all.  Is this my inability to use the web site or is it the case that there are no hosts in Brittany?

Surely someone has done a cycling trip in Brittany who also use Warm Showers?


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Hi, do You mean "Bretagne" in north-west of France?

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You can select die Symbol right at the top. Select "search". now in the small window middle left "france" and "map". You can see a lot of host in Brittany. You can make the map bigger with the symbol at the bottom right . You can move the map up and down and left and right with holding the cursor and move it.

I was there in last summer. A nice country and nice people there.

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