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Brits cycle touring in Iran

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Brits cycle touring in Iran

We're currently cycling from Melbourne to the UK and had hoped to fly from New Delhi to Tehran and then continue back into Europe. Obviously, as British Citizens we face the issue of getting a visa for our cycle from Tehran north to the border.

Does anyone have any experience of engaging a local guide to accompany them on a tour, and whether this would meet the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Are there any organised cycle tours in the north we could join?

Anyone with any experience of this, or offers of help much appreciated. We were planning to be arriving towards the end of April 2019.

Thanks, David, Sarina and Tiger


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Shortly after I was there in

Shortly after I was there in June 2016, Brits could get a visa on arrival, no guide required. Don't know if relations have detoriorated since. Caravanistan will have the most recent data on this, so I would check with them.

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British, American, Canadian cyclists in Iran

Greetings from Iran

Actually I should say there's no way. there have been several cyclists already disappointed after searching for any ways to make it. Local guides are not approved. they will offer their own official guides for routine tourits from ABC countries(america, britain 7 canada) but not for cycletourists. yet there's a trick which I know about and can be kind of risky. 

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