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Rwanda suggestions

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Rwanda suggestions

Hi all, I am looking for general information about cycling in Rwanda, specifically as a solo woman. If anyone out there has experience, tips, ideas for routes I'd be grateful for your help. A big thank you to those who have replied to my private messages already. Thanks! 

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you better like hills

Rwanda is very hilly!

We ejoyed the Congo-Nile trail even though it was some of the hardest cycling/pushing we did on our trip.

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Thanks Patrick and Rachel for

Thanks Patrick and Rachel for your reply. I enjoyed reading about your  travels in your website. Very cool! Take care

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I cycled in Rwanda a few months ago, as a single woman.   Hilly is right!  Lots of people everywhere, often would walk along as I cycled very slowly up those hills!

I tried once to camp.   It was getting late, and I couldn't make it to the town with acommodations before dark.   I asked to camp in a village.   I've done that in many parts of Africa.   I got a yes, was invited into an empty house.   Many adults and kids came to visit, I was given a foam mattress to sleep on, everything seemed fine.   Then someone official came by and got my passport details.    Later, close to midnight, many soldiers arrived and told me I had to go to the Police Station for the night.   There were several police cars and many soldiers with big guns, I wasn't about to argue with them.    My room/cell at the Police Station was pretty rough, but they let me go in the morning.   After that, I was a little squeemish about camping, so I made sure I could get to somewhere that had rooms.   They weren't expensive, and I didn't have to worry about police late at night!

No street food, but a lot of places had basic buffet, very inexpensive.

Did I say that it was hilly?   I crossed into Uganda near Ruhengeri, the Volcanos are stunning!

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Thanks for your replies and

Thanks for your replies and info! Wow, being escorted by men with guns and spending the night at the police station sounds frightening but I'm glad it ended well. Hilly terrain is noted! I've decided to go for a flat cycle tour this summer in Holland and work up a little more experience before heading to Rwanda hopefully sometime in the near future. Take care and thanks again for the info!

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