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Train travel with bikes

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Train travel with bikes

My husband and 2 friends are about to embark on a bike trip through Europe. We are riding from Frankfurt to Saarsbrucken. We want to take the train from Saarsbrucken to Wurzburg with our bikes, what is the most economic way to take the train?

We will be there in 2 weeks, wondering how hard it will be to find places to stay along the way at this time of the year? 

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bikes transportation

you have train look at the website deutsch bahn ans select bikes 


you may also have a look at flixbus


you have a map you can select people and bike 

be carreful you have to book well in advance because there only fews bikes space on the rack 




in germany I use campground or youth hostel



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portal page in english for german regional train services

Most long-distance trains don't have bike-compartments but the regional trains have.

Portal-page in english:

If I were you I'd do some inquiries about best trains and tickets at Frankfurt main station or at Saarbruecken main station were service staff most likely speaks english. 

Happy riding! 

  kind regards


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better way

When You are looking for a train in (or in and than using "search")  You can select at the very bottom "Only show connections that allow carriage of bicycles (buy bicycle ticket if necessary)". It will show You the trains with places for bicycles.

BUT: Maybe at the morning or evening or in holiday weeks there is not enough space in this part of the train. Please calculate in Your travelling. I use the app of and when the train is too full, I would look for another connection to my destination. I did it in this summer, too

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Train travel with bike                    Hello  and welcome to Europe and Germany.Well you already got answer for Train from oter people.I like to get you a give you some information about sleeping possibilities,in Germany we have wonderful Yothhostels also for familiy Rooms with very little affordeble price,Its called Jugendherberge in German,here is a picture and website wish you great time in Germany.Sarasbinjola

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Thanks for your information.

Thanks for your information. Will check it all out.

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You need in some trains a

You need in some trains a special ticket for Your bicycle, in others You dont need is. You should ask before going into the train

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