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Biking to Istanbul from Novi Sad, Serbia

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Biking to Istanbul from Novi Sad, Serbia

Hi Everyone,

We are Anna and Nina, from England and Ireland, two girls on an adventure, we are doing a bike ride from Novi Sad to Istanbul, a total of around 1200 kilometers. The reason for this idea is because both of us have a school and a charity in Serbia and we are getting sponsors to help us towards this, and of course also because we love biking and want to see more of the world and meet the wonderful people of the world. The dates for this trip are the 1rst to the 15th of September with an average of 80 kilometers per day (we will be only going one way and then taking the train back) If you are interested in joining us please write me... [email protected], and I will send you all other details.


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Hi Anna, I did this route last summer, you may find my blog useful (it includes route details.)

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