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biking the pacific coast highway in august- advice on connecting with other riders

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biking the pacific coast highway in august- advice on connecting with other riders

Hello potential bike friends!

I have a trip planned starting very soon (August 10) leaving Astoria, OR and ending in San Francisco. This is my first real tour, and I will have a tour buddy for the first part of the trip but because of happy circumstances for him (a full-time gig doing what he loves) he's cutting out earlier than we had planned and will likely only get to Crescent City, CA.

I was just wondering if there was anyone else here who would be riding the PCH around that time OR if you have done this ride before, is this something I could do by myself/connect with other riders? I would just be bummed to cut the trip short.

Any thing you had to share would be great.



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Riding the Pacific

The whole coast is signed So just follow them. You can get off 101 towards the Pacific Ocean once in a while. I suggest doing it to avoid 101 traffic. than in CA take highway 1 It turns rigth to ocean and is a real treat to ride. It will take you rigth into San francisco. Also the lost coast is another treat Go to Ferndal below eureka and try take No one lives out there Maybe a few
Call me Charles Nighbor Walnut Creek to stay a nite or two
BART takes you to me from Sf
925 708-1295

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Other riders

there will be so many riders out there on 101 and 1 that every nite in camp ground you will meet many if comany is needed

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Hi I cycled the Pacific Coast


I cycled the Pacific Coast from September-October 2010. At that time of the year, I met lots of cyclists at the Hiker/Biker sites along the way, in both Oregon & California, & on the road during the day. The section from Aberdeen to San Francisco was, by far more popular than from San Francisco south.

I have a list of hiker/biker sites, if you want them. Send me a PM to [email protected].

Best wishes

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Hiker/Biker sites

Hello John,
I may not be able to go this year after all (SEP), but am trying to plan my very first tour, down the CA coast, and would love to know more about these hiker/biker sites you speak of. What exactly are they? I would really rather not journey alone and have a limited budget for camping... so it would be great to be able to go where cyclists gather and to learn from their experience.
Could you please make the info public for the rest of us?
I personally am more interested in sites between Eureka and Ventura, but any info would be appreciated.

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hiker/biker sites

Hi John,
I saw your offer for the hiker/biker sites on Would appreciate if I could also get your list if you don't mind. I'm up here in Canada with the cold weather starting to close in. Our biking days are numbered but I'm planning for next year in advance. Hope things are going well your way. Cheers!


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Here I go again for the ??th

Here I go again for the ??th time. If you do a search on this site, you should several other postings by me about the Pacific Coast bike route & hiker biker sites.

In WA, but especially in OR & CA, there are a large number of what are known as hiker/biker sites on or pretty close to the coast. They are nearly always a day's ride apart. They are called hiker/biker sites because if you walk or bike onto them you are entitled to camp in a special non-vehicle (except for bikes) part of the site for between $5 (Oregon) & $10 (southern California). I took a different route through WA, so didn't use them, but they were about $15 in 2010, when I went through. If you make up a group of 4 upwards, it can be cheaper to get a different site together - check at the site entrance. Regardless, they are a bargain as sites in California go for $25 per pitch, & sometimes as much as $35. For your money you get use of all of the site's facilities, although you sometimes have to pay for showers, usually about 25c per about 3-4 minutes, so carry lots of quarters, as some of the sites are not manned by park employees. Most of all, in my opinion, they are a great place to meet other cyclists. I cycled the coast in September & October, & always met at least 1 other cyclist, & sometimes as many as 10 or 12.

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Thank you for taking the time... again

I will look now that I know what to look for, as they will be an integral part of my journey and edumacation.

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thanks for all the encouragement and advice!

thanks to everyone who chimed in. I leave tomorrow for Astoria and will be making it from CA onward without my friend Max but with about 10 or so new friends I'll run into at hiker biker sites.

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