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Austria - NorthCap via Estonia/Finland - Lofoten - Iceland

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Austria - NorthCap via Estonia/Finland - Lofoten - Iceland


by May 30th I'll start a 2-3 year journey from Salzburg area to the NorthCap first, then down to Lofoten, DK, Hirtshalts, Iceland, back to DK, DE, NL, FR, ES, PT, to winter in Portugal or Sao Miguel/Acores (freight ship cruise)

Alternative plan: South to Slovenia, Croatia, ... then either Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Barcelona, Spain, Portugal - or Romania, Black Sea, Georgia / Russia or Iran

I'm 56, male, relaxed and without a "home" other than my tent by end of May.

Anybody interested in joining in or meet somewhere to do few miles together?



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Hi Thomas, one advice from a seasoned traveller.


Do not take so much stuff like the picture suggest.

You not gonna need it.

I read once, you should sort through your stuff, make three piles 

1 essential that you use daily

2 stuff you use often

3 stuff you hardly use.

then throw out piles 2 and 3.

I do not mean to cut your toothbrush but ask yourself how many pens you take with you, cause you can write only with one at the time....

Reduncancy is the key to avoid carrying loads of stuff with you.

If you cycle for months through the summer, no need for winter gear.

Anyway, good luck, and enjoy Iceland it is great!

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North Cape

Hi !!
I'll leave 5/6 June North Cape then Lofoten direction.
Can you be interested ?
I have same your age and same travelling mode.