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using the warmshower app on android for real

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using the warmshower app on android for real

I'm realy happy to be in this community since 3 years now . We are actualy planning for a 5 month trip, and using "for real" the android app ! Using this app it realy difficult ! Warmshower is a great community,. Do you want make it "premium" and people have to pay ? It's not the good decision in my opinion, but at minimum do it premium for real.

No forum about the website and the app.. so it' perfect, nothing to improve ?

There is my list of grieffs about the app

- Only google map card (the worst for cycling), choice of changin it with opencycle map is a minimum  
- not possible to export places to your favorit cycling map app
- Favorite between web site and app not synchronized
- adresse of guest not possible to copy paste or open with other map app
- very slow
- unfriendly as possible
- notification working erratically 

We have no choice to use it wenn we traveling, but the old unofficial one was really better !

If you read this , please make an effort to continue to help your users

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Use the website

You have the choice to use the website 

It id not perfect but it is free 

Before travelling I plot favorites on my computer as it is easier / cell phone 

I ll never pays every year !! for this app