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Tour end in Trieste - Selling bike

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Tour end in Trieste - Selling bike

I am riding with a friend from Bucharest --> Budapest --> Slovenia --> Trieste and am hoping to sell my Surly Long Haul Trucker when I land in Trieste on 6/21/23 - I will be joining my wife for a short trip on foot through Italy immedietly following.

Bike is in great condition and has been well loved through many journeys. Sadly for logistical reasons It will be easier for me to sell than to pack up and ship back to the States. If you or anyone you know might be interested and will be in Trieste on 6/21 let me know and I can share more details/pics of the bike. Basically it's a 2019 LHT, 58cm, 700c wheels and Grandpa's Thermos (color). All original Shimano parts (stock with the bike), Shimano MTB SPD pedals, Brooks B17 Classic saddle with SKS fenders, Tubus front and rear racks (Titanium rear).


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Hi John!

Hey there .. I'm cycling with some friends in Italy now, we are in the region of Puglia and we will go to the north in June. If you couldn't find a person for sell your bike let me know, maybe one of them wants to change their bike.
Thank you
Good route!