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Bornholm, and/or morocco

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Bornholm, and/or morocco

Planning Spring 2012 (mid May) 4-6 day bike tour around Bornholm to take in a monumental birthday, make some friends, spend some time reflecting.
Does anyone have insight on the weather for tenting/biking at that time of year there? (ie: will I freeze?) Will I be ok? Will I be safe? I don't speak Danish...but halfway decent oh, and sort of decent French.
Thinking about Copenhagen ferry to Bornholm. What should I make SURE I don't miss?

Any thoughts?


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what are you doing May 2012

Anyone interested in biking or general travel either in Bornholm, Denmark, or perhaps in Morocco? or both...? I won't have my bike with me but may rent. I'll be in Paris mid-May, free for two weeks.

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morocco in spring 2012

I am interessed by a trip in morocco in 2012; but during february or march. I think wheather is too hot in May in the south morocco.
I think I'll go to morocco by bus from france , to begin at Tanger, Casablanca, along the coast to agadir ? and return by marrakech. Do you know morocco ?
see you soon bye

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Hello Joseph!

Hello Joseph!

I am glad to write you this message and I hope that you are doing well.

This is a short note to let you that I would be very happy to host or meet you if you happen to be coming to Taroudant or Agadir. I went last week together with a French Friend cycling to the high Atlas mountains and it was a lovely experience.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Until then, take good care.

Best wishes


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Hi there bornholm is superb

Hi there bornholm is superb in spring still maybe a bit chillier than summer or Marocco bu super for tenting and biking around a bit hilly but super trip!!we need to go there too so let us know if you will be in Copenhagen and we will host and then accompany u on the island!!

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