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hy 50 info in Cailifornia/Nevada/Utah

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hy 50 info in Cailifornia/Nevada/Utah

I will be starting a cross country trip from the Bay area and would like some info about Hy 50 route. Just you're regular info; terrain, shoulder with; camping or motel info, ect. Thanks in advance for the help.


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Hwy 50.

Hey Chris:
Once you get past Folsom, CA, they really aren't thrilled about having you on hwy 50 up to Tahoe. I was booted off but cheated some. There is another route that is longer just to the south of 50 but it is legal.
Out of Tahoe it's okay(you are in Nevada). After the Sooner Summit, watch out for grates going down the other side. They are huge and will swallow a bike wheel.
Nevada gets more and more remote as you go east. Very little traffic and no worry about the shoulder.
Go to the County Fairgrounds in Fallon for camping and a shower. $7.
In Middlegate, the camping is free and a shower is a buck or two. A cabin is like $5. The owner is a trip. (Middlegate is a bar, gas station , motel right out of the movie Tremors.)
Austin, NV, go to the hardware store. That's where the locals hang out. Ask for Rufus (I may have the name wrong, but I know it starts with an R). He is an old guy who goes by in his pick-up every so often and in charge of the Rodeo Grounds at the bottom of the mountain. Free camping with grass, and a shower. He does accept donations.
The highway splits when getting close to the Utah border. Plan on staying in Baker, NV. It's just outside a cool natl. park and it seems to attract tons of riders. I met a dozen at least. Eat at the Ice House (Yellow signs) He has property across the street where he will let you camp for free if you eat at his restaurant.
I headed to Cedar City, Utah from there to go up to Cedar Breaks and hit some of the natl. parks. I never regretted it. Met lots of riders there, too.
The entire ride was beautiful. Water didn't become a problem until Utah because of the heat.
Have a great ride, I know I did.

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Hiway 50 from Bay Area

Did you take a look at Adventure Cycling Assoc website? They publish a route that might help you here.....

Have a safe and great ride.


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Highway 50

once pass lake tohoe

towns are about 50 miles apart
so it is either 50 miles or 100 miles days
a couble passes above 5000 or so feet
no water between towns
mosty 2 lane with a bit of shoulders
can be hot
charles Nighborwalnut creek

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past NV

Once past NV and highway 50 riding in Utah is great National parks are great enjoy

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