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Stockholm - Gothenburg - Copenhagen - Hamburg in July 2012 - who can host us?

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Stockholm - Gothenburg - Copenhagen - Hamburg in July 2012 - who can host us?


We're setting of at Stockholms Arlanda Airport on July 1st and plan to cycle down to Hamburg in 1 month.

We already have accommodation in Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Copenhagen sorted out, but if you are anywhere in between and can host us, please tell us!
If you cannot host us, but have valuable information about online cycling maps, must-see stuff, camping in SWE and DEN, then please do let us know.

In return you're always welcome to stay with us in Switzerland.

Many thanks already in advance
Isa & Rebekka

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Hi Isa and Rebekka, Hope

Hi Isa and Rebekka,
Hope your're having a nice tour. From Gothenburg to Båstad you can follow the beautiful marked track Ginstleden - EV12 please see
From Båstad to Malmö - follow Cykelspåret (marked track) - please see
From Malmö to Copenhagen you have to take the train over the bridge (bikes allowed - 1/2 ticket fare) - then you have very nice biking routes from Copenhagen down south to the ferry between Rödby - Puttgarden. On the site you will find several route descriptions. Good luck!

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Nice route!

Hi! Guess you're already in Hamburg by now. My girlfriend and I just got back from a Copenhagen-Paris tour through Hamburg, and I have been doing Västerås-Copenhagen before, so if you need assistance, just tell me! Hope your journey has been great so far :) Will you publish a summary somewhere?

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