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Riding into Mexico mid-July

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Riding into Mexico mid-July

Hi biking friends!

Want to join me for the laat portion of my ride down the coast?

I'm currently in LA and have more time left in my trip than expected, this I'm planning on biking down to Mexico and would love to spend some time on the coast there in a cool laid-back community! Does anyone have any experience to share riding south of Tijuana? I don't have time to rise the whole Baja, but would love to spend a week on a safe and easy-going beach before returning to the real world. Any advice would be appreciated, and and fellow riders who want to join and more than welcome :)


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Baja is a great place for

Baja is a great place for riding! Last year about this time I crossed the border from the US into Tijuana and spent a month riding to La Paz. We spent as little time as possible in didn't seem like a nice place, and in no way is representative of Mexico. We took the toll road along the coast and stayed with a warmshowers host (don't remember the name of the town, but his name was Larry) and then the next day headed down to Ensenada where there is another warmshowers option, a "casa de ciclistas", which is really nice. If you don't have so much time, I don't know if this will help, but my favorite spot was the east coast of the peninsula, from mulege all the way down to La paz. We spent 5 days camped for free at a beach just south of mulege, and actually celebrated the american independence day there with a bunch of expats. Unfortunately the beaches on the pacific side are windy and further from the road, and with much more california traffic. If you have the time, definitely try and make it down to Baja Sur. Oh, and Baja was very safe, and the drivers "usually" give you plenty of space on the roads (but beware of crazy truck drivers). Hope this helps :)

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mexico trip

hola maureen...well Ryan comments are corrects....a trip just to tijuana is not bad as experience.,like any border city in the world is crowred,a lot of traffic,alot of people,and a lot of mess,but is a experoience any way.
I'm the owner of La casa del Ciclista in Ensenada,I live in Riverside CA,kinda 1 hr from LA,La Casa in Ensenada is empty,nobody lives there,is just for and only for ciclists.
This month is hot any way in some places in Baja,real hot....sometimes the hell,so it depend how many days do you have to spend in mexico.
Let me know a better details about yourtrip and I will give you a better and details tips.
Maybe I can go riding with you for a couple of days.....
Regarding the other WSL memebr in Baja>Larry)..he is living in a small town called PRIMO TAPIA,is down south after ROSARITO,maybe 30 imn after Rosarito.
Ok Maureen have a good trip
Gerardo medina

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