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Bike shop in Baku

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Bike shop in Baku

Can any body help? Me and my partner are currently a couple of days out of Baku where we were planning on catching the ferry to Aqtau to continue our cycle tour to New Zealand. Unfortunatly I discovered yesterday that the inner wall of both our rear rims (Mavic xm719) have split from the valve hole for a distance of at least 5 spoke holes making the rim bulge out o both sides when the tyre is inflated. At present not having much luck finding info on internet about bike shops in Baku. Any advice greatfully received.

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Hello Joe, we hat precisely

Hello Joe,
we hat precisely the same problem on both of our bikes three years ago also in Azerbajian. Unless Baku has substantially changed you will be disappointed, because there are no bike shops. We finally found a solution at the bike stadion, where the trainer of the national team sold us new rims which more or less fit our need. I don't have the addresse on me, but ask for the olympic bike stadium, and try there!

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Hi, I shall try the olympic stadium and the other web sites given. We have also found a local who knows where there is a 'good' bike shop, I shall let you know how we get on and post the address for any future unfortunates. Cheers

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maybe You can find here:

Try it and answer me, please.

Have a good drive

Regards Sebastian

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Hi Joe! Our names are Laura and Ash and we are currently staying at the Caspian Hostel in the Old City in Baku. We too are travelling by bike and plan to catch the ferry to Aktau in the next few days. We have found one bike shop called "velobrand" next to the Harley Davidson dealership in the south of Baku. The guy there speaks only Azeri and is very unhelpful but I do remember seeing rims there. If you find any other good bike shops, please email us! We are also looking for some parts before we leave for Aktau. Also if you want to meet up and just chew the fat... we're only an email away! Our website is Safe travels!

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