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links between people

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links between people

first up id like to say what a wonderful new site, so much easier than the old

altho a member for over 2 years ive just managed to host my first rider and am expecting another tomorrow evening and another in september

however...... i just tried to 'recommend' my first rider but found no trace of her having mailed me or contacted me, i had to trawl through my email inbox to find her surname and then search for her. it would be good if there could be a record of mail between members so its easier to make those recommendations... or am i just missing something?

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RE: Links between people


Thanks for the kind words regarding Warmshowers. It's always good to hear from members who find the new design an improvement.

The way the system is set up, all email between members takes place in their personal email, not within Warmshowers. We have received a number of comments about this and are looking into changing the set up.

However, with only three people managing the site, and that as volunteers, it will take an undefined amount of time to implement any changes.

In the meantime, this is what I do to keep email organized and easier to find.

I use gmail and gmail allows me to create folders within my email. I created a folder titled "WS Guests." When I receive a new contact and decide whether or not to invite the member into my home I create another folder titled "WS" and save it under the "WS Guests" folder. That way I can go to the specific guest's email and take a look at our conversation without having to search my entire inbox.

It's not perfect but it really helps me keep track of my communications with other Warmshowers members.

Enjoy your ride no matter how near or how far!


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when someone writes to you,

when someone writes to you, there is allways a link of his profile in the beginning of the email. Once you are there just click in 'Recomend' and it's done, you don't have to search for him/her

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point taken about gmail

point taken about gmail thanks

of course mikel, but im not likely to recommend someone before i have met them, that would defeat the object!

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of course, but i usually

of course, but i usually don't erase the mail until he/she is gone, usually is also information about when is going to arrive or other things, and just in case i forgot something and i need to read it again or....just to recommend after is gone. just another option.

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