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Zagreb-Sarajewo train

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Zagreb-Sarajewo train

Hi, I'm planning my first trip to Balkans by bike, starting from sarajevo and heading to the seaside. I've already found a transport by car from warsaw where I live to ljubljana, where I would like to stay one day then take a train to zagreb and after one day of sightseeing take a train to sarajevo where I start my bike trip. The problem concerns the train from zagreb to sarajevo, I've just found out that bikes are not allowed on train. Does anyone have a solution? Maybe this rule doesn't relate to all trains with destination in sarajevo? Any ideas how to get from poland to bosnia/croatia (train/bus) ? H E L P

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Same situation

Hello, I am also going to be looking to get from Zagreb to Sarajevo with my bike, preferably by train on the 14th. I'm sorry I have no advice for you but please please let me know what you work out as the best way and then I can copy!


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Best of luck!!

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And how are you planning to get to zagreb? maybe there are some domestic trains that bikes are allowed on board and it would be possible to get close to the border with bosnia and then take another train from bosnia to sarajewo..but it seems to be comliplicated.probably there are also buses

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Zagreb-Sarajevo train

Hi, much to my surprise the night train used to have space for bikes but last summer it suddenly didn't. Nevertheless we managed to put 3 bikes in one of the toilets without any complaints from the conductors. Another option if there are only two bikes is to put them at the beginning of the front carriage or the end of the last carriage if the conductor agrees.

Definitely there are buses to Sarajevo as well, but I am not sure what they are like with bikes. Usually bus drivers in the Balkans make a big fuss and complain a lot about putting bikes in their buses but they usually do do it in the end if the bus is not too full and if you make it clear that you've got no problem with paying for the bike.

As for getting to the border, and then continuing from the other side, I wouldn't see it as a great option. The trains to there won't have any more space than the one to Sarajevo, and the whole procedure will just take longer.

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Hi, thank you for your advice! However thanks to I've already found a car transport to sarajevo where I start my trip :)

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