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US - Mexico Border Crossing

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US - Mexico Border Crossing

Hey Everyone,

We are cycling from Alaska to Argentina and we are planning to cross into Mexico at Tijuana in the beginning of September. We were wondering if anyone has doe this border crossfire recently on a bike and might have any advice ? Also of anyone else plans to cross at a similar time and wants to ride with us, let us know, we would love to have company!

You can also check out our website at

Thanks so much!

Ali and Glenn

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Hi Ali & Glenn,

it's a long way.

I wish You good days and some friends.

Maybe You can use that site:

Regards Sebastian

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There are two borders into Tijuana. One in the west (San Ysidro) which is more crowded and one a bit more east hich is mostly used for trucks.
I have been crossing it to both sides walking a couple of times. It was SUCH an easy-going place that after my fourth crossing I went searching for an officer to finally stamp my passport because the other times there had not been anybody there to even check it. Just a big sign: Bienvenidos a México and a smaller one "Please do not bring weapons, they are forbidden here" or something like that.
I did not cross yet by bike but I really don't think there should be any problem.
BTW: Do not make the mistake to judge Tijuana by its first impression! It has so much more to offer than drugs, dirt and prostitutes! I have stayed there for more than 2 weeks and did not get bored a day (well I have to admit that I also went over to the US a few times for cheap shopping).
Have a looot of fun over there and please eat some Tacos al Pastor and a bit more south some Fishtacos for me and Roberto!!
Have a safe trip and tailwind,

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Hey, I crossed with a bike


I crossed with a bike (but left my gear in San Diego) at Tijuana-San Ysidro on August 20th through the pedestrians gate. Nobody even asked for my passport. They do ask when you head back to the US though.

Btw, just checked your website and saw your pictures. You met my friend Laura in Bandon while staying with Brian! She was injured and resting as I was cycling ahead. She did get a ride to catch up with me and made it to Tijuana.


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