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Cuban hosts

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Cuban hosts

Hi, I've got my flights booked from London for a six week solo exploration of Cuba setting off Jan 3rd 2013 but sadly cant see ANY hosts on warmshowers map of Cuba. Is this a US/Cuba thing? Anyone know of any hosts in Cuba? Anyone cycled recently there on a very low budget? I am assuming i will have to use casas particulares but would be good to hook up with another cyclist once or twice.

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re: Cuban hosts

Wow, Cindy! I am hoping you plan to blog about your Cuba time. I am champing at the bit to get there and cycle it myself. As an American, I'm not brave enough to attempt it until either 1) after I am retired so that I can spend time in jail if need be or 2) American policy is changed, whichever comes first. I'm hoping for the latter but the former should be my option in a little more than 650 days. Woohoo!

You go, girl!


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I wish You good travels.

Maybe You can use that sites:

Try it and tell me about, please.

Regards Sebastian

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thanks for those other hosting sites...bewelcome only has one host outside havana so am looking at Couchsurfers BUT Cubanos tell me they cannot host for free. They have to pay for a licence to host tourists and so have to charge for the stay. This means it is no different to the usual Casas Particulares BUT have found one or two CS who are happy to show me round and help improve my Spanish beforehand
So thanks for that info...

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Cuba is not as open to the world as other countries. However they are very bike friendly and many people would take you into their homes. There are camp grounds available also.

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yes Im not sure about whether to take camping gear yet as they sites say they are mostly not open to non-Cubanos...and there is no idea of tariffs online so not sure how it compares to casas particulares? Do you know prices?

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Hi Cindy

Thinking of going about same time . Would like to talk . If you are interested give me a call on Skyp at 604 322 5009 . I live in Vancouver.

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hi robert that sounds good idea but tried to skype you ...there were two in canada.
I am suffolkcyclist on skype if you can find me?
Or I will try calling when I get credit. Thanks

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