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US - TX - Heading Northwest - Better ride leaving Austin or San Antonio?

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US - TX - Heading Northwest - Better ride leaving Austin or San Antonio?

Mark and Mary are riding from Tampa FL to Denver Co. They are riding to create awareness for hydrocephalus as well as the adventure of the bike ride. Here is their blog:

We are trying to determine which is the best route. Travel NW out of Austin or San Antonio as they head toward Denver.

They diverted to a more southern route and Mark and Mary are currently headed toward Houston to participate in the Hydrocephalus Walk in The Woodlands this Saturday. They will need to determine whether to strike out directly for San Antonio or Austin. My concern is the ride after each of these cities.

I noticed they are more warmshowers hosts along the San Antonio route and am concerned the Austin route may be more desolate. Any Western Texan advice?


Billie Ginther

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texas to Denver

Im not sure if Im understanding your Question? If you are in Houston and going NW, there is no need to go to either San A or Austin. Just head North west. If you start from San A and head NW dont you hit Austin anyway?
To go NW from that part of Tex into denver youll have to pass thru OK which is as close to a western Texas terrain as you can get . Are you limited by any time restraints? If you can get to NM, you are allowed to ride on the interstate and I believe that its interstate 25 will take you right into Denver. If you are looking for warmshower's people there are not that many People in that area of the country meaning WS people are few and far apart.
From Austin you can travel up the 35 corridor into OK . populated areas. Waco etc.
Texas is a HUGE state. It took me 29 days to cross on the southern tier.
If you took the southern tier into NM. there are plenty of WS host along the way, then when you enter NM head North on 25. Or cut north before EL Paso and head into Carlsbad Nm then up?
I hope this has helped. Daniel

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