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Open Cycle Map instead of Google

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Open Cycle Map instead of Google

Hi there,

I was wondering if its possible to change the map to Open Street Map / Open Cycle Map ?
Actually Open Cycle Map is getting more and more useful every day (at least here in Germany) and it can be edited by anyone.
One could see easily if there are any hosts living close to the cycling tracks and it would support the great idea of open street map by making it more popular.

It would be great to be able to switch from Google Maps to OSM

Thank you

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Several maps

Hey all
Here's a great website that has a feature which enables changing maps:
Maybe it would at some point be possible to implement this to the website.
Kind regards,

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Don't hurry too much

OpenStreetMap / OpenFietsMap is great in areas where it's been well elaborated, like Germany and the Benelux. I used it in France last summer, and although it's mostly useable, some villages are still on an "island"...

I would suggest that the Gmaps are maintained, and that a choice is left to the user to switch between maps.

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Route mapping

At the sames time. Why not have a function like bike route toaster. Then we can elaborate distances to different hosts and test different routes directly on this page.

As it is now, I have to have two pages open and jump between.

Yes, I am a lazy guy, sometimes.


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