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Looking for a trip bike in Santiago (Chile)

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Looking for a trip bike in Santiago (Chile)


We are planning a trip starting in March 2013 in Santiago (Chile) to Lima (Peru). We want to purchase a bike when we get in Santiago, so are just looking for recommendations/information about where best to do this.

We're on a budget so are primarily looking at used bikes, so if anyone knows of any decent used bike shops, or if someone is wanting to sell theirs, let us know!

If not, do you know interesting shops to buy equipped bike in Santiago?

Thanks a lot for your help !

Elyse and Mattis

WS Member WS Member's picture is like the is like the Ebay of Chile. I went there and bought a bike that way, I paid about US$260 for a nice road bike. I may have just got lucky, but that is by far the cheapest way.

All the shops in santiago are on one street. Ask anyone where La Calle San Diego is and you will find about 30 shops all together. There are not a lot of used options and new bikes of good quality are not cheap. You can also go to Viña del Mar, on the coast about 2 hours from santiago. They have more upscale bike shops where you could find touring specific equipment. Though again, not cheap.

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+1 Calle San Diego. More

+1 Calle San Diego. More bicycle shops than I've ever seen in one place. Seems like a bike, electronic, hardware and auto repair district.

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My bike!

Hi Mattis!
I am coming to Santiago soon, i.e. about 2nd to 3d of march and could sell you my touring bike. It would fit for a person of about 1,75..1,90m, depending of the leglength etc. Its very good and stable and has excellent handmade wheels (26") with strong rims and shimano xt-hubs. Front and wheel pannier racks. Its a steelframe without suspension.
Of course we would have to replace some parts (tyres, chain and cassette), but thats all. If interested we can speek about price and when/where to meet.
Cheers, Gerald

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Hi Gerald, recently we think

Hi Gerald,

recently we think about upgrade our bike for cyclotouring and travel with them by plane.
The cost of flight and equipment is about 280.000 pesos Chilenos.
We could be interseted on your bike if it is approximatively at the same price.

Let us know about your conditions,

Best regards,

Mattis (and Elyse)

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Bike etc.

Hi Maties,

so my bike would fit your size?
When do you come to Santiago?
I fly out on the 10th of march and plan to arrive there on 7/8th of march. Would we meet then? I must think about the price, but its not more than 300 Euro - 180.000 Peso, of course I would like to get Euro. You should bring pedals you like (i have click pedals) and maybe a saddle you love.
Probably its also cheaper to bring new tyres from europe and a 8gear cassette ( for putting on, not for screwing! )and a chain. I am a professional bike expert, so we could change these parts easily.
Maybe I forget to tell you have Light on this bike, best shimano hub dynamo, and Tubus lowriders and rearracks. I also could give you very old but still usable frontpannierbags.
Please answer directly to
[email protected] and let me know your email as well.

Cheers, Gerald

I can send you a foto to your email-adress.

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