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Any tip for a fist cyclist trip in spain in march

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Any tip for a fist cyclist trip in spain in march

I am planning to go for 10 days in Spain with a friend beginning of March
what are your suggestions :

- where to rent good bikes
- what are the nicest routes to follow and where to camp
- which city to start with: Malaga or Almeria?



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soth of spain, i guess

i can give information about barcelona, but tnat dosen't seams to be usefull.
people say that CABO DE GATA is very nice, never been there, but trust in the persom that talk me.

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Biking in Barcelona

I am interested in biking with my dog in Barcelona. I am in Paris now, and I am looking for a dog carrier as the next step. I would love to hear about off road bike routes in and near Barcelona.


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have you look :
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10 days are very short time for biking through all Spain. I did tour through Figueras, Olot, Reus, Valencia, Murcia, Almeria, Granada, Malaga...
and I can say Malaga is one of the best cities.
Roads in Spain are really sucks, and there aren't a lot of place to camp (of course except Pirenys).

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which road to choose

Thanks to all!

i know 10 days are short, we can't make a big tour but im checking yours tips and some links

someone told me this morning there is a nice road from Bordeaux, France to San Sebastian, Spain i can ckeck on

and a spanish friend told me to have a look on

so i need to make a choice

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short lines

us you can see in the web there aren't long distances "vias verdes" they are nice but too short for a 10 days travel.
On the other hand the eurovelo 8 at the area of barcelona appear and disappear.
And easy nice route is follow the canal du midi

at least that what i hear

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10 days in Spain

I recently cycled the Camino de Santiago. It is a beautiful ride. You could begin in Pamplona and ride to Logrono or Leon. Some of it is very passable single track (although be mindful of the pilgrims on foot) and some of it is a wide path along the roads. It was a beautiful ride in the fall. Or you could take any section of it for 10 days. The bigger cities all have decent bike shops.
Good luck

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cycling spain


I've never found problems wild camping in spain, especially in the winter. The euro velo routes are a bit tricky to follow then tend to disappear without warning! We cycled roughly along the route of the camino de santiago (using the roads) in the north, if you get a Pilgrims passport in Pamplona (1 euro I think) you can stay at the pilgrims hostels which are generally cheap/free/donations to mix it up and have a shower,


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flight booked

Thanks for all your suggestions!!!
Spain is big and seems a beautiful country,

for my first cyclo-trip i have only 10 days

so i finally booked my flight for Malaga for beginning of march with the intention to go with a bus to Almeria and then to cycle 10 days in this region which is said to be very nice

now i will have to learn how to pack my bike for the airplane...

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