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Black sea coast, Turkey

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Black sea coast, Turkey

I am in Safranbolu, heading for the black sea. My plan is to follow the coast road from Samsun to Georgia fo the next few weeks. So if anyone can suggest some good roads to ride, wants to join me, meet up or host me I'd be happy to hear from you. Happy pedalling :-) Raz

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Road near the coast line to

Road near the coast line to Georgia is just fine. Could be just a little bit boring though.

Especially in villages/farms etc, local people would try to help you as you go east. Don't hesitate. Yet, you still need be careful as always, just in case.

One more thing, make sure that you see almost every natural beauties of Trabzon and Rize district. They are beyond words.

I'd be glad to help if you need anything, even though i live far away.

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