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Toronto to Vancouver - saying hello to the Warmshowers community

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Toronto to Vancouver - saying hello to the Warmshowers community

Hello there,
My name is Lorraine and I've just arrived in Toronto from the UK with my bike, planning on riding over to Vancouver. A friend here told me about the Warmshowers community and I'm very happy to have become a member.
I'm planning on leaving next weekend, having done a lot of work on route mapping, however I would always welcome any tips and advice from local riders! Also hoping to meet a few people on route and as hosts, it's always good sharing cycling stories and to make new friends. Slightly nervous but very excited to explore Canada. See you on the way :-)

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your trip

We're off the beaten path but if you come this way we'll have a yard you can set up your tent in. Cheers!

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Thanks Michael and Jeanne,
I just checked out your location and very sadly I think you're not quite on my route.Thanks for the lovely post though....who knows I may see you if you're near Tobermory when I ride by :-)

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Toronto to Vancouver

Warm showers is really not a route planning site. Just a place to find a place to stay a nite or two.
Toronto to Vancouver Two choices 1. travel across Canada 2. drop into USA and ride across it
Try for USA journals of past rides
either Canada or USA your got to get over the rockies. so plan accordingly

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Thanks for the info Charles,

Thanks for the info Charles, appreciated. I've pretty much sorted my route across Canada, but was just asking those in the know for any of those local extra details....'must see places', things to avoid. Very much looking toward to the dinosaurs in Drumheller apparently!

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Toronto to Vancouver

Hi Lorraine - see our website for some route info, and if you come over to the best part of BC (Vancouver Island) come and see us!

Dave and Maxine

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Hi Dave and Maxine. I

Hi Dave and Maxine. I certainly will!! Very much looming forward to Vancouver and the Island at the end of the trip....see you soon! :-)

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Thanks for your replies. For

Thanks for your replies. For interest, my trip itinerary is roughly as follows:...........
Toronto to Tobermory via Cameron, Markdale, Owen Sound.
Manatoulin Island, Espanola, Sault St Marie, Lake Superior.
Thunder Bay to Winnipeg via Fort Frances and Kenora.
South of the Trans Canada to Regina via Minnedosa and Virden, then on to Calgary via Moose jaw, Swift Current and Drumheller.
Canmore, Lake Louise and across the Rockies by Kicking Horse pass and Rogers Pass before beginning the home straight through Kelowna, around the Okanaga Lakes to take the Manning Park route through the coast mountains to Hope.
Finally following the Fraser river into Vancouver for a celebration :-)

Looks easy on paper! See you on the way.

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Hi Lorraine - just been reading your proposed route. Here is some very important info for you. Through much on Manitoba there is little or no shoulder on the main roads, and many cyclists have been killed. We would suggest the following route after Kenora:

At 4kms west of the Manitoba/Ontario border, take Hwy 44 north. After 64 kms take hwy 11 south for 15kms, then take hwy 15 west into Winnipeg. Take care when cycling in Winnipeg, but there are some good cycle routes thru residential areas. When you depart Winnipeg, head south and get on to hwy 2 west. Follow this hwy until just west of Souris, then take hwy 21 north to re-join the TCH (Trans Canada Hwy 1)

Do you have a handlebar-end mirror?

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Thanks Maxine, that's really

Thanks Maxine, that's really helpful. Is the highway 2/21 out of Winnipeg safer than the 26 to Portage la
Prairie/16 to Minnedosa? I'd heard horror stories about the TCH, but other people have said it's good because of the wide shoulder. I've definitely got a side mirror they are invaluable, and a helmet + reflective gear - trying to be as bright and safe as possible! Thanks again for the advice :-)

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Portage la Prairie

Hi Lorraine - hwy 16 is my favorite route - it is known as the Yellowhead. Passes through Jasper, and continues west to Prince Rupert from where you can take the ferry to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.

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Oooh, now that sounds

Oooh, now that sounds tempting too! If it's good to cycle on I may take that option down to Jasper. Sounds like a number of good routes which I'm very happy about. I plan to leave Toronto at the weekend, really looking forward to the journey. Thanks so much for your help. Hope to get to say hello too when I get there :-)

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