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Entering Colombia from Ecuador Via the jungle.

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Entering Colombia from Ecuador Via the jungle.

I want to cross this remote border in a few weeks. Most people tell me I am nuts but these are the same people who spend 40 years in a shitty job they hate.

I just want to know if anyone has crossed this border or knows of anyone who has. What was it like? Road conditions? Any hassles with farc/military? How long did it take to get to Mocoa from the border...or vice versa.


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colombia crossing

Hi try to contact this ciclst: corinne Reinhard
email address: [email protected]
Maybe she has some experience in this area.

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Entering Colombia from Ecuador Via the jungle.

I am from Colombia though living in NY now for many years.

so first the warning: you are crazy. this is war central, Farc is the least of your problems. Paramilitaries, drug traffickers, gun runners, and free lance gunslingers who will kidnap you and then they will sell you to whoever they they can cash on you roam free in the jungles. IF you get kidnapped, tortured or killed do not blame me nor most Colombians. Do tell your family I warned you. think a lot about what roads to take ask locals not just what road but at what time (in some places the army controls until certain time then another faction of the war takes over) do as the locals do. being American will keep you safer in some situations and will make you a liability on others. DONOT put locals in danger just so you can have a fun experience.

I have family and friends. I can try and find out what it is like now . I heard of bike tourists making trough with no trouble. they had lots of fun. even one who made it all the way trough Colombia only to get mugged in "safer" Ecuador. also the Border in supposed to have some tension due to Farc having a base on the Ecuadorian side which was bombed by the Colombian Air force with US support (how much support still is debated). Colombian (right wing) paramilitaries have been roaming the border and there are accusations of some even crossing into Ecuador.

SO all that said I will send some emails and see what info I can gather.


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Hi Bob.I am a spanish bike

Hi Bob.I am a spanish bike traveller and i did that same route about 20 years ago.It seems a very long time but in that forgotten part of the world i guess not much had change.The way is very thought and as the colombian friend says above is dangerous,absolutely lowless and I am afraid a non go area for a cyclist unless you are a very hardenned one,know to speak spanish and willing to take the big risk.I think the danger is not so from the rebels and the narcos,but from ordinary pepple living in this mostly unpopulated jungle and armed as most people are there.Just myself was victim of armed robbery there and the thing that save me was that I knew how to talk spanish with a local accent.If not for the big risk is a good and adventureous ride,the jungle is for real and if you don't met the many bad guys,the others are very friendly and hospitable people as only colombians are.There were immigration facilities in both countries and was a legal way.Feel free to contact me by email for further details.This time is telling you somebody who has travelled by bicycle for more than 12 years to many remotes and dangerous places.

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Hey !!

Hey Bob, is that you the ozzie guy that we met just before Sucua ? !!
If yes, how are you ? We just entered Colombia after a shortcut by bus from Ibarra to the border.
Hope everything is OK, good luck for the border in the jungle !
Caro and Stephane

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