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Air Canada increases baggage fees....

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Air Canada increases baggage fees....

Air Canada will soon begin charging $25 CDN for the first checked bag and $35 for the second bag for baggage going into the United States from Canada. I believe same charges apply when entering Canada from the US. If need be here in Canada we have bicycle shops and second hand shops that sell bicycle gear and clothing for those who dont want to pay the excessive baggage handling fees of Air Canada.

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Airline "baggage" charges Air Canada specifically...

I also decry the baggage fees that airlines stick travelers with now days but wonder how your comments might work when put into practice.....
Between bike and equipment I have over $2500 invested for self contained solo bicycle touring. This equipment (mostly new) was assembled over a couple of years and with lots of effort and careful purchasing.

Are you saying that I could catch a flight into Toronto or Montreal and just pick up bike and everything I need for self contained touring in a few hours for a few Canadian Dollars?

OK, so I will bring my own touring shoes/gloves and helmet. Everything else is just waiting for me at a second hand shop? Maybe I should send my brother whom is looking to get outfitted for the first time!

Basically my thoughts are: IS THIS REALISTIC??



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Do I need to pay extra baggage fee for all my bike gear

Yes if you decide to bring your touring shoes helmet and gloves just make sure they are packed in your bags. If you carry them on the air craft they would be considered your limit of one carry on piece.

Now if you travel with your bike, thats considered an over size piece of baggage and that could cost you anywhere between $90 and $300 to ship -

and if you are travellig with panniers - the first set will cost you $25 the second set $35. Your bike and bags are not gauranteed to travel on the same flight as you.

So add up the cost of shipping a bike to and from Canada, $600 + baggage - $120 thats $720 - I believe for the cost of shipping the second piece of baggage you would be further ahead to buy what you need at your destination.

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Hi Bob- Travel light, travel

Hi Bob-
Travel light, travel right....right you are!
Cheryl in NC

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Also Bicycle Policy has changed!!!

Air Canada charges $50 for a bicycle previously they would provide a bag and allow you to use it. Now they insist on you bringing a cardboard box, and signing a waiver. Still $50 is fair, but it was nicer when I could more easily ride to the airport. If you have a folding bicycle you can still put it in a bag. They are also one of those airlines that like to charge a bicycle fee regardless of whether the bicycle is oversize or not. So folding bike owners are suggested to not necessarily mention that it is a bike. Though I think the difference between $50 or $40 for a second bag is negligible. Usually they do not count a bicycle as part of your baggage allowance.

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I flew Air Canada with my

I flew Air Canada with my bike from Quebec to Calgary so I had to pay 50$+taxes for bicycle handling charge (no baggage fee since domestic flights still include one piece of luggage free). I took my panniers with me: 1 as luggage and 1 as personal item. Everything else fit into the bike box. For international flights, it would have been 25$ (one piece of luggage)+ 50$.

My return was San Diego to Quebec with United Airlines. 100$ to fly my bike (and everything else I put in the box). Once again, I carried on my panniers. International flights other than Canada and Puerto Rico are 200$ each way for the bike, which makes me think I'd probably buy a bike once I get there if I cycle abroad!

I got my boxes for free at bike shops.

It is actually quite possible to get everything when you get there. My Australian friend who came with me got a 400$ second hand DeVinci bike from Kijiji when she got to Calgary and we bought cheap gear (rack, panniers) for her from Canadian Tire and Sportcheck. I also met a German guy who got a Specialized mountain bike and children trailer from a second hand shop in Seattle when he got there for 300$ and is cycling the coast with it.

And I do enjoy visiting Goodwill and Salvation Army when I cycle through cities. I scored nice 2,60$ cycling shorts that looked brand new!

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