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Android, request for comments/help

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Android, request for comments/help

So this last short tour of mine had me itching to make this site more usable for people with Android phones.

I would like to hear comments from people about what they would need/like from an application.

I chose to use the OsmAnd application, which is Open Source, and so there is an .apk file available on the market (for $) as well as an apk available for download on the project site. I chose this because it has the ability to display downloaded maps while offline, something that I found absolutely necessary. OsmAnd uses the OpenStreetMap project for its maps, which may be better or worse for some users, and unfortunately it doesnt seem to be able to make use of topo information. But I digress.

I am working on a way to convert the csv files available for download from WarmShowers into files usable with OsmAnd. However, I am unable to figure out how to display more than a couple lines worth of information, namely the WS contact link and one phone number as of yet.

I'm hoping there are some android people out there who are interested in helping me with this. Ideally, I would like to be able to display all the relevant information (all phone numbers, name, contact link/url, max # of guests, and how much advance notice is requested) but this may require hacking a bit on the application itself. at the very least i would like to hear from users (both tourists and hosts!) about what a bare minimum of information would be.

furthermore, if there are other projects I should be aware of, i.e. other applications people use for this functionality on android, I would like to hear about it -- what it is, how you use it, and what could be better. I'm targeting open source applications primarily, but if theres a really super neat feature on a closed source app i would like to hear about it as well.

fwiw, i have been working in python, and i am frankly kind of a noob, so any help would be appreciated.

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I have no experience in

I have no experience in writing App's, or any of the "technical" side.
but it would be great to be able to use WSL info on my Android Phone.

When on tour I would want at least a search function with the ability to select other near by regions - so that if I search on a region with no WSL hosts at least I find out where the closest one is despite there being none in the actual search area. As far as information on a host - Phone number,name, & number of people they can host would be the minimum.

A "Distance to host" function would be good.
Reasonable map with "Pins" to mark hosts would be good (off line viewing would be a big bonus)
The iPhone App seems good & it runs well on my iPod - but I prefer not to carry both iPod & Android Phone.

& Good Luck with it.

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