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Any cyclists in Thailand or Laos?

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Any cyclists in Thailand or Laos?

Anyone in Thailand right now? I'm in Chiang Mai, heading north and crossing into Laos in 10 days or so. If your in the area let me know!


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Welcome to Thailand

Hi Chris,

I'm with my Thailady and bike in Chumphon province now. I will be here until the end of January. If you can make it to the South you are very welcome.

I was 10 days in CM in November 2004 but couldn't really enjoy it because my partner had died in September before. I cycled 4 weeks in Laos in 2007 and loved it, the poorest but also friendliest people in Asia IMHO. I had to hi-five all the schoolkids I passed on the road until my hands ached ...

Have a nice trip! I hope to hear from you and maybe meet you here.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Hi to you both, I'm currently

Hi to you both,

I'm currently in Australia, but will be arriving in Bangkok on the 14th December to begin cycling in SE Asia - as yet I have not planned a route. Perhaps I can keep in touch with you both and see where you are in mid-end of December and see if our paths will cross.



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Sure keep in contact...Dec

Sure keep in contact...Dec 14th I'll be in Laos but let me know what kinda route (north/south) you're looking at in Thailand and can try and give you a hand.


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Offer help

Dear Friends
Hi Guys I am Seyha I am Cambodia but now in Thailand Saraburi and if you are passing by I can help accommodate you and might help you to plan your Asia trip. I have cycle from Cambodia Thailand and have help some friends who I met on the road to have a good trip in Cambodia so if you need help in Cambodia and Thailand feel free to come by and I'll help you.
You can see my blog
Let me know if you are in Thailand my phone in Thailand is 0874031060
Hope to hear from you guys and hope to help you with anything that I can do.
God bless

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