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any recomendations for biking new zealand north island?

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any recomendations for biking new zealand north island?

hi, i am planning to bike from coromandel town to wellington to meet a mate and then we are biking back up to auckland, im alright for the trip back up (going to go and do tongariro and then head over to napier and up around the east cape) but the way down im not too sure about, any suggestions? places i absolutely shouldnt miss? amazing campsites? just any info at all would be a great help
thank you in advance :o) xx

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rany recommendations for biking New Zeland, the North Island.

I am presuming that your finishing point, with your friend, is also back in Coromandel. Yes? In that case, I also presume that from the East Cape , you will continue through Rotorua, tauranga and the East Caost beaches ( mostly native forest along the road) back to the Coromandel peninsula.

A couple of other choices you could decided on , are which way you go around the central plateau on the way down - you could go down the desert road side to Waiuoru, and coming bcak you could go the National Park viallage side, to get to Tongariro.

Or, do a wider loop. From Coromandel, head over to Hamilton and down through te Awamutu, Waitomeo, Taumaranui, wanganui, joining back onto HW 1 at Bulls. OR continuing on to Palmerston NOrth, then finding the back route to Levin ( it actually has cycle signs on part of it)

OR:Hamilton to Taupo on HW1.
OR: Hamilton to the dam at Atiamuri. Turn right there, and go through Whakamaru and the back way to Taumaranui.

The most direct route would be to go through Paeroa, Te Awamutu, Matamata, joining HW 1 between Cambridge and Putaruru ( ie: no Hamilton)

There is nice scenery both ways. Driving in NZ, I tend to stick to HW 1 because it is more direct. However, if I was cycling and had the time, I would definitely go the less direct route ( less traffic)

going through Taumaranui. ONe of the most spectacular pieces of the North Island for me, is the route from Turangi to Taumaranui. I also loved the Route via Atiamuri and Whakamaru, the one time I did it, 20 years ago.

BY the way, although this is a cycle site, if you are interested in the outdoors generally, ( and you must be, to be considering walking the Tongariro track) then I really recommend kayaking or canoeing the bush section of the Wanganui, from Taumaranui to jeruselum. You can hire boats in taumaranui and arrange to leave your bikes there, and be driven up again after the trip ( BLazing Paddles are one Company I recommend.)

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biking north island

Hi I live in Napier area, and you are going to a beautifull place. There are some things I will say to you.As I know the region really well .FEB MARCH AND APRIL CAN BE REALLY HOT.THE COR, MAND, is a very very busy tourist region chocker with holiday makers and touring campers .So wear a bright visar vest and beware of great logging trucks. There are not many stores on a frequent basises so make sure u have food for the day on board .If you are here in Ireland I am happy to meet up with u in Dublin as I am here till end of March.Stuff NOT to miss Art Deco week feb Napier. Urewera National Park and Lake Waikaramoana the most beautifull place in the whole of NZ Go and bike to it from Rotorua and camp at RUBY BAY good facilities and shop. plan at least 2 days there. Remote .Tologa bay, Mahia peninsula beautifull local beach and camp site swim with the dolphins.... glorious beach wlks.Walk over to Hicks Bay the first place COOK LANDED. CAMP AT waipatki beach great camp site with BILL AND HIS WIFE A FABLOUS RIDE OFF THE MAIN COAST RD 25 KM NORTH OF nAPIER. cAMP FOR A NIGHT AT THE BEAUTIFULL lAKE TUTIRA AND CLIMB UP TABLE MT, A FAVOURITE PLACE TO SWIM AND FISH AND 45MIN BY CAR FROM NAPIER.iN GISBORNE AT ABOUT 15KM SOUTH OF IT TURN OFF AND BIKE THE BACK RD TO WAIORA A QUIET AND BEAUTIFULL OLD RD aT wAIORA EAT FISH AND CHIPS AND HAVE A PIEIN THE BEST PIE SHOP IN nz A NATIONAL ANNUAL AWARD WINNER AND ENJOY THE LOCAL CHARACTERS....... YOULL SEE WHAT i MEAN THEN BIKE THROUGH fRAZERTOWN TO lAKE wIKARAMOANA. pLACES TO sTAY YOU CAN CONTACT MY GOOD FRIEND dI AND bARRY FOR A BED FOR THE NIGHT AND IF U NEED CONTACTS LET ME KNOW BREIGE

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