Belarus - Cycling, getting Visa and so on - Advices wanted!

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belarus visa

I was just checking this up the other day. bad news I am afraid - as far as I understood the belarus tourist website, you need to obtain your visa in advance in your HOME COUNTRY, cost between 40 - 80 US dollars. At the moment you CANNOT get your visa on the border.
If you dont mind going a bit around head from Lithuania into Poland and then onto Ukraine. Cycled in Poland last summer and its very nice country to cycle with quite a few campgrounds and many lovely Wolne Pokoke ( guesthouses ) or Agroturistika ( B and B ) where a double room can cost as little as €14 to 20 per couple.
Maybe you can get some advice from people who might have have gone thru belarus recently.
If by chance you are from a couple of Former Yugoslavia countires then you can travel visa free.
Heard many good things about travel in Ukraine but have not been myself
Good luck.

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Hey Jim, thanks for your

Hey Jim,

thanks for your answer. We haven't started our trip jet, so we are in our home-country - chance for visa is there in generally.
And we really would like to go through Belarus...

We will see :)

Thanks and best

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hi, thats good news then. You shudnt have any trouble getting visa then, good luck with your trip and welcome in finland someday,
jim and terhi fullwood.

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Hi there, I was just checking out this topic for myself. This is an interesting link:

I have also hosted a couple of cyclists that had no problem with obtaining the visa. You can't get the visa on the border except for a transit visa on the train.