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Best way to Paris from de gaulle airport with bicycle

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Best way to Paris from de gaulle airport with bicycle

I had heard that Air France buses are no longer bicycle friendly. Is this true? I am headed to the Arc de Triumphe area and am looking for a cheaper way than a taxi. Thanks so much.

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From CDG to Paris

From Roissy - CDG, you can put your bike in the RER (suburbian train, cheapest option)

The RER station arriving in Paris will be: Gare du Nord, les Halles, Notre Dame.....

Once in Paris:

you want to stay underground? take another RER (RER A the red one) from station les Halles until station Charles de Gaule - Etoile (the square with the Arc)

you want to cycle? Get out at Notre Dame, ride around the cathedrale then follow the river on the south bank, take a bridge to your right to go through le Louvres then take a left to follow les Champs Elysées until the Arc.

(bikes are not allowed in the metro but a bike inside cardbord is allowed as it becomes a box...)

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Paris transit

RER is not Metro so bikes out of a box are allowed on RER train from Aeroporte CDG into the city and also "around" the city? Just do not try to take unboxed bicycle on Metro system. Some might not know that RER and Metro are not the same.

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Metro, RER and Bikes

"le Metro" is the french subway, tube... where bikes are not allowed.

RER is a different network, different machines, different ticket.... but still similar, it doesn't have many stations inside Paris and goes far outside Paris suburb.

the law of the RER says bikes are tolerated with exceptions. You are allowed to bring your bike without the need of a special ticket:
on saturday and sunday,
on weekdays outside rush hour: before 6:30, between 9 and 16:30, after 19.

PS: Taking "le RER" from the airport, i would say there is no real need to bother about hours.

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Paris TRansit options with a bicycle


Thanks for the clarification. Have used Paris transit (but not avec velo) and was sure I understood but thought some might not understand difference between Le Metro and RER.

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