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Bike Shops in Amsterdam

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Bike Shops in Amsterdam


I am looking to buy a touring/hybrid bike while I'm in Amsterdam early next month. Can anyone suggest a good shop to go to, one that can help me pick a good bike?


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bike shops in amsterdam

depends on your budget or how willing/creative you are with fixing/dealing possible repairs (...).
btw, i might have a not to bad 26 inch wheeled 21 inch steel tourer.

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hi paul-- i'd like to not

hi paul--

i'd like to not spend too much... under 1000 dollars if possible.

i'm a novice at bikes, but i'd like the experience of making repairs, and i have friends who do know bikes who can help me with bigger fixes. good bike parts are hard to find in armenia (where i live right now), so i'll have to either find parts while i'm in amsterdam or have them shipped.

can you give me more specifics on your bike?

thanks for the response,

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being able to do/fix some

being able to do/fix some repairs on your (touring) bike is most rewarding, after all: cycling is freedom, but being (mostly) independent from bike-shops is even more freedom! but i think its a healthy attitude to (til some level) be prepared for surprises/breakdowns. a good place to look for bikes and parts is (kind of ebay), but you do need a little luck, knowlege, or both.

its helful to specify into what kind of touring you are: ultra light creditcard touring or self supported outback expeditions? fast along asphalt roads, or more adventures gravel roads? big 28 inch wheels or more reliable (stronger) 26 inch wheels?

the bike i have on sale is an older but fully checked and well maintained steel mountainbike, adapted for touring, with a rack, touring tires, 3 bottle holders, it has a simple but reliable suspension fork. depending on how you measure the frame the size is 55-59 cm. which is not small, my lenght is 183 cm and for touring this size is great (for mountainbiking to large). try this link:

an other option would be to just buy a entry level mountainbike, make sure that there fits at least a rear rack (prefereble no disk brakes!), add some waterbottle holders, bar-ends, a more upright (shorter)stem, and of course swap those knobby tires for more slick/smooth road tires.

(in)famous, and either loved or hated is, a french mega big sport store, which sels bikes at very competative prices.

btw, i will depart late july on a longer cycletrip, so im not sure if im stil home when you are/arrive in NL.


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thanks for the info! we're

thanks for the info!

we're looking into self-supported touring-- camping, etc, but will probably stick to roads/well established trails.

i'll check out those sites you sent, and take a look at your bike. when will you be leaving? thanks for the help, and hope you have a great trip.


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Hi Katrina, I will arrive in

Hi Katrina, I will arrive in Amsterdam in 2 days. email me at [email protected] and I'll let you know what I find. It's easy around here. You could practically tour on a child's tricycle! good luck, Rob

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hey guys! My husband and I are doing our first bike trip...

We are starting in Copenhagen and ending in Amsterdam, from August 6 til 29. We are passing through these towns:
Copenhagen (Toftegards)
Bad Segeberg
Den Hulst

Are you guys doing a trip in these areas?

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