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Bike in Thailand Bangkok for tall person (frame 23"/58cm +)

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Bike in Thailand Bangkok for tall person (frame 23"/58cm +)

We are going to travel around Laos from early February to the end of March. We are flying to Bangkok where we wish to buy our bikes... but, there is a problem, as I (Przemek) am a bit tall person, even for European standards - 197cm. What about trekking bikes availability - we think about some Merida or something like that - with frame 23" (58cm) or higher? We're wondering, as we know that Thai people are generally not that tall as European people are and even here it's hard sometimes for me to buy something what fit me ;) so what about there?

BTW. as well, do you know is that possible to buy in Thailand gas cartridge for small Primus Express stove (

Big thanks for any answers!
Kasia & Przemek

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Large bike frames


I'm currently in the South of Thailand, I'm 194 cm tall and actually prefer smaller frames. They are stiffer and stronger than larger ones. I use very long seatposts and longer stems. Another advantage is that my Thailady can use my bike, too, if I lower the saddle. You can find some photo's of my bikes here:

Check out Probike in BKK, they are more expensive than shops in Europe but carry good quality stuff. If you decided on a bike, check its seatpost diameter and bring an extra long seatpost to Thailand.

You will find that cycling in Thailand is very basic with dirt cheap Chinese bikes in the shops. Only the very poor cycle here and the very rich. You can find smaller shops in the bigger towns that have the better stuff but it's expensive. A simple Cateye odometer cost me 850 baht in Chumphon. In Holland I bought a nice wireless one for 9 euros at the Lidl.

Good luck and happy trails,


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Bike in Bangkok

You will find everything you want as bike at this address.
Have a nice trip


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