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Bike tour around Denmark in August/September

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Bike tour around Denmark in August/September

Hello fellow bike tourists,

I am looking for information about touring in Denmark. If you have any experience in this country please write to me.

I would like to find out more about routes.
What essential things for a cyclist to do in Denmark or surrounding countries?
What are cheap lodging options?
The weather in August/September?
What are the safety issues for a female touring alone?
Is there options to camping without bringing a tent and stove?

Would you like to do a slow short economical bike tour. I am a very experienced tourist but I ride very slow and stop often to take photos, talk with the people and explore. My husband would be joining me for a week.

Nancy Lewis (and Randy Fay)
Palisade, Colorado

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Touring Denmark

Hello Nancy and Randy, I live here in Denmark.
Denmark has a beautiful and green nature, and I think we have very decent roads. The most of Denmark consists of large fields with corn etc, agriculture to say. Things you must see? Hmm… Most of Denmark's culture is based around the capital of Copenhagen, but the province offer a wide range of lesser offers too. I live in southern Jutland (and you are more than welcome to stay by me if I have moved in my own apartment by then, going to be around august…)
I wouldn't say there are any cheap lodgings, Denmark is in general very expensive, but that is because people are rich, therefore, they are often also more willing to help. Many many cities in Denmark have a (paid) camping site or other kinds of camping sites which are, in fact, free. Most of them being in the outer region of the cities.
Most people in Denmark have a very accepted level of English knowledge.
The weather in August and September are… transition from summer to fall :D I would say around 10-15 degrees Celsius and a mild climate.
There are none safety issues for a female tourist whatsoever, crime is not present as such, the society of Denmark is very equal. Most crime is based around Copenhagen.

Feel free to ask anything, and I will do my best to answer: - )

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Hi Nancy, Denmark is a great

Hi Nancy,

Denmark is a great country for biking, lots of cycling pathes and a nice landscape. And it is flat!
I have taken many nice daytrips in the area around Copenhagen, and I have also biked a bit in Southern Sweden, mostly along the coast line and around some of the small lakes and it is a lovely area. You might want to consider going to Bornholm, a Danish "holiday" island that you can reach by taking the ferry from Ystad in Sweden. It is rather small (100km to cycle around it), but the nature is very beautiful and diverse.
I haven't biked much in Jutland, but would recommend going to the Northern tip in Skagen.
I agree with the other comment you got that safety shouldn't be much of an issue in this area. In regards to accommodation, I think you will need your own tent if you want to camp. There are a number of tentsites spread out across the country where you can camp either for free or very cheaply - see here:

Have a great trip!

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Hej Nancy

My best answer to some of your questions.

DK is a rich, expensive and highly developed small country to travel. "Everything" runs on a high level with its good and bad sides. Much agricultural influence but all over public access to most corners of a clean and 'well preserved' nature. The Dane's love their television (and car) above all. -In the evening you will hardly meet anyone except hanging out in the local Bodega/Pub..:) Especially in the countryside after ca 19.00 don't realy expect anyone to talk with, help, guide or 'disturb' you: You can often have the chosen spot of fine nature for your self!
Despite of our fine roads, bring inflateable tyres and extra tubular. From Winter service there seems to be very sharp diminutive sized flintstones allover!
You also need a Camping Card Scandinavia = CCS or FICC-pas.

-West DK is roughly said flat grassland. (Some fishermen,farmers & hobo's) Windy but not so tight populated. The coastline/ beaches are popular and fantastic impressive in stormy weather. I guess the tourist season should be more or less over when you arrive.. If you and the bike is up to it is possible and allowed to drive at the beach. Up north often used. In cloud scattered sun and wind with birds and the roaring waves next to you it is a great experience. As long as your lengs are strong enough..
A small fishermens landing site with large boats landed on the beach: Thorup Strand
The impressive power of sea and wind: Rubjerg Knude.

-East DK is more tight populated.(Often fatter farmers and more university joining people ;) Hilly landscape and many fine spots in many forest/lakes or at the more tame but beautiful varied coastline. You must search more specific for a suitable tentplace. It will be there..
My favourite: Fyn/Funen. The Garden of DK; The south part with its many small islands is fine for small trips across and between the many interesting points. Old habour towns: Faaborg and Svendborg. Lots of islands: Lyø, Langeland etc. Here you will likely find 'it/them' all. Between the danes people here are described as more mild and friendly. As a foreigner I guess you will hardly notice any difference. (In general everyone will help or give sound advice when asked)
From old time the women is known for their own meaningful saying:"the night is our own"
I haven't heard anything alike elsewhere.

-Roundtrip along Limfjorden also recommendable. Maybe the windy traveloption while more open landscape with fine long runs for strogminded bikers. The cosy islands: Morsø or Fur.

Wildcamping is possible more or less all over and often accepted if you dont "stick to much out of the picture"..! (Small discrete tent/sane use of stove/fire/garbage handling etc)

Security as a single female will hardly be any topic.
What i've heard from foreigners as surprisingly demanding except for the pricelevel..: The ever changing weather with (constant west) windy and rainy periods with temperature around 15 degrees C. -Or an Indian summer. We have it all and you hardly never know for how long. Some find it awfull others including myself learned to love the variation. (Mostly..)

Some of my favourite links:
Weatherforecast (~80% "accountable")
Housing/lodging: "Teltpladser"-recommendation is cool and probably the cheapest and most down to earth option.
Many "normal" campingplaces offer highlevel cabins. -If awailable often expensive.
In these links you will find loads of info on camping and official places with fireplace/woodenshelter and often wood for free. If the local's didn't use it first..
Including cultural spots as one of my favourite travel topics: Our widely spread 500-900 year old Churches and monastery's. Often free access to public (otherwise ask for the key) Also a possibility to find free toilet and water. All over in Scandinavia tapwater is drinkable.
This page is only in danish but I find it valuable while it links to simple campingplaces where nature and peace is above comfort and the 'enjoyment circus'
Coordinated with the 'VisitDk' link you may be able to pick the best one's for you.
(first three and 13 last-ones are non danish)

Some of these bike routes can partly be a bit frustrating to ride; Drawn by bureaucrat's. Sometimes ending abruptly or making a zig-zag path.
You are allowed to ride almost any roads except highway's.
There is converted train tracks which is a pleasure to follow and leading through flatland and beautifull not so civilised areas.

All over Scandinavia the sea was and more or less still is a main traffic and work or livingplace. -Any size habour should be fine to hang out for a beer or an icecream. And maybe socialize with the locals. Basic english is spoken/understood allover Scandinavia. A tentplace could be possible too.
All of my favourite bikingroutes are more or less between these old maritime landmarks. With the up to 1000 years old habourtowns as fixpoints. Don't expect much of this to be seen other than in museum's or churches.

For more inspiration and hopefully related info:[year]=2010&tx_ttnews[month]=05&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=2447&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1246&cHash=433579dec4d83a98070023952e07fb30



A fine route across it all: Tønder-Sønderborg-Bøjden-Funen- Sealand (Roskilde) and from Kalundborg-The Island Samsø- Århus (finest city in DK) and the area around Skanderborg/Silkeborg. Up north: Skagen and Råbjerg Mile.

Interesting spots in Germany: Flensburg. An older used to be rich, habourtown with rich heritage and friendly business orientated people. Not so often englisch spoken or cheap campsites to be found. Otherwise any of the old habourtowns.
Sweden: Stockholm and Gothenburg. Lively and beautifull old city's. Got it all! Including beautiful rocky coastline, what you will not find in DK. Except from Bornholm.
Norway.The capitol Oslo: Three maritime museum's at Bygdoy. Munk art museum. Fine nature around.
Maybe this one:
In both Norway and Sweden You are, from ancient times, allowed to stay two days in tent without any permission:"allemandsretten"

Maybe overkill for your experienced background. I hope you will find some of this useful.
Wish you a pleasant stay and 'go vind' :)

PS Danish Bicycle association..

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Biking Denmark

I am biking the southern route of Denmark in June with my daughter who lives there. I found Margaret and Glen's website so helpful!!!! Great route, that we'll probably follow though hardly any Warm Shower stays. I have read most towns tourist offices keep local family room rentals available and those are great options, and the camping is widely available. Hostels too. And yes it's more costly then other travels, but the cycling sounds amazingly safe and beautiful

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Shelter app

Hello there!

We are planning a cycle tour in Denmark in June, and doing similar research -- so thanks for this thread!

We just learned about an app you can download from the Danish iTunes store called Shelter App, which shows you where all the free camping sites are across Denmark -- there are tons! The app is only in Danish, but the interactive map is as easy to follow as Google Maps, and there are GPS coordinates for many campsites too.

Downloading this app from the Danish iTunes store took a bit of fiddling, but here's the workaround if you're using IOS:

Safe travels!

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