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Biking Korean monk prepares to enter Nova Scotia

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Biking Korean monk prepares to enter Nova Scotia

We (volunteer team of 2) are trying to find hosts for Daeung Sunim in Nova Scotia.

Daeung Sunim, is a 42 year old Korean monk, who is biking from Vancouver B.C. to St. John's NF., down to New York City, back out west to the U.S. Pacific Coast then south to the southern most tip of Argentina. This is an epic trip of human discovery, endurance, hardship, kindness, generosity and love.

Sunim will be in the areas on the following dates:
Moncton -Aug 1st-2nd approx ETA
Antigonish 6th-7th
Port Hawkesbury 7th-8th
Baddeck 8th-9th
North Sydney or Sydney Mines 9th-10th
Channel-Port aux Basques 10th-11th

        A facebook page has been started about him. Please go to

Sunim has already witnessed the heartwarming hospitality of the people of Canada. We hope it continues on the rest of his journey.

If you could possibly host or know someone who can, please email me or leave a message on the Facebook page.

Thank you,

Tim Lynch
Support Team
[email protected]