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Camping gaz in Serbia and Bulgaria

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Camping gaz in Serbia and Bulgaria

I'm biking through Serbia and bulgaria to Turkey and Amon the hunt for the blue camping gaz canisters.
I'd hoped to get a couple inBelgrade but couldn't find them anywhere. Anyone know where it might be possible to get one?

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am currently in kladovo

am currently in kladovo serbia and there are plenty of camping gas here. have seen in other places too. good luck

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in small towns

The blue camping gaz canister is really common in the Balkans.

Big super market might not have it but little shops in small towns will for sure, as gaz is cheaper than electricity for cooking. In most villages people use it to make coffee.
Having a picture on your phone will make things easy but people will understand camping gaz.

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Big cities (>30 000) will definitely have big hardware shops in their outskirts in any country of the former Jugoslavia. Smaller towns might still have some, though. I even found them in a 1000 people town and if they only have one type of canister, it tends to be the blue one you're looking for.

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poke not screw

You can even find it in street markets. The blue canister you will find is the poke-through version not the the screw-on.

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