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Hi everyone
Does anyone know if campingaz bottles of the type CV270 or CV470 are available in Western Australia?

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gaz bottles

I don't know the numbers offhand but if its those smallish blue ones, yes.
we used to use that style many years ago, and they came in a short one and a slightly longer one but the same diameter.
Any camping store will have them and most hardware shops, especially Bunnings ( i hate giving this monster hardware chain a plug but they got everything).

Very cold and dry here in WA right now.

Fred, WA

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gaz bottles

Hi Fred
Thank You for the reply.So now we know we don't have to bring other cooking gear then we are used to.Well here in Belgium we have the hottest and dryest summer since many years.I suppose this is the best opportunity for Us to get used to Your Australian summers.We will be in Perth on 03/09 and from there going south to Melboune and we are very much looking forward to it.Hope the cold is gone by then.

We let you know when we're in the neighbourehood

Jos and Greta
Antwerp Belgium

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sept is good

By sept weather is good and not cold.
You'll still get a bit rain and good timing for WA wildflowers. If you're going across the Nullabar it should be tailwinds too. West to east is best.

Its a long flat ride

keep in touch

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