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carretera austral from Futaleufú to O'Higgins, how much km?!

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carretera austral from Futaleufú to O'Higgins, how much km?!

Hi people!!

I'm planning to go by bike thorugh Carretera Austral. Originally I planned to go from Perito Moreno in Argentina (close to Los Antiguos, Chile Chico)to O'Higgins.

But I've tried to count the km on a map and I counted 350 km counting going to Caleta Tortel. In google earth I counted a bit like that... but some people told me that it's much more, like 500 km

Do you know a map I can trust?

Because if it really is such a little distance, I would like to go from Futaleufù.... and again, I counted from Futaleufù 730km, but again people tell me that its like 1000 km or more...

I can't understand how is it that can be such a big difference between a map (this is the link of the map I'm looking ) and what people tell me!!

Haha I'm a bit going crazy caused I made my idea that it was going to be a lot.. and maybe its not..

If anyone has done this and know more or less the distances, and also know if there is any pavement road, anything, I will be sooo grateful!!!

Many many thanks!

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hi there

maybe my blog is some help for you.
on the stretch from Futaleufù to villa o`higgins i counted a distance of roughly 1000km
if you send me an email i send you some more links & informations from other ciclists.

happy trails

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i've just sent you an

i've just sent you an e-mail!

many thanks!!

its so funny, right now i'm with the vegas opened making the sound of a short film.. a little coincidence (yeaah i'm not professional, but still is a coincidence jaja)

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What's the big deal if it's 750 or 1000kms. I cycled this route a few years ago and didn't really know. Just go and have a blast. And throw your speedometer away!

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991 km

From Futaleufu to O'Higgins (via Cuile Chico, Mallin Grande, without Caleta Tortel) we ride 991 km. We think the other side of the lake are 20 km more...

have a nice trip

martin y evelyne

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thanks!!plus how is the border in futaleufù, + bus in carretera?


yeaa i know it may sound like 'obsessive' to wish to know the kms! jaja! I don't have a little machine to count them actually! but the thing is that i'm not that sure i can make 1000 km, so its definetely a big difference to me if they are 100, 200km more or less.. its like 6 more days of travelling! and unfortunately I don't have so much time right now.

I've decided to take a bus to make the kms I may not be able to do by bike. I`ve seen your web pages and getting more enthusiastic with the idea!

I have some more questions, if you could help me would be so good! (I don't know if I shall begin a new post or not)

How is the crossing from Trevelin (Argentina) to Futaleufu (Chile)? in means of is there a little river you have to cross with the bike? or is the road too bad? or something I should know?

And the other thing, has anybody had to go (as me!) some parts of the Carretera by bus? Is it possible (and not so expensive) or you have to rent a car? I wonder if the buses there et you travel with the bike..

Well, again many many thanks! Its also so helpful to read your webpages!

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Hola Trevelin - border: 40

Trevelin - border: 40 km, Road unpaved but o.k.
Border - Futaleufu: 10 km paved. Perfect!
After Futaleufu: unpaved but better than the Road in Argentina. A lot of ups and downs.

From desvio Puerto Cisne to Puerto Ibanez: Paved
After chile Chico : unpaved

You Never have to cross a river from Trevelin to O'Higgins.

We didnt take a Bus, but heard there are everywhere but not so much.
From trevellin to o Higgins we needed 16 days of biking and we stopped 2 days at coyhaique.

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cross the chilean border with dried fruits?

Really useful information!!!! Now I have an actualized map on my head!! Many thanks!!

I've asked about buses, and there are many from La Junta to Coyhaique (I hope they'll let me go down before Coyhaique!) and also from Coyhaique to Cochrane.

One more question if it is possible!!

Have you had any problems in the chilean border for carrying nuts, dry fruits, fisth in cans, cereals and chocolate?

(i know you can't cross with "green" vegetables but what about the dried ones?)

Many, may thanks!!

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