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Cycle from Arizona, up the Pacific Coast to Vancouver-Looking for suggestions and possible riding partners

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Cycle from Arizona, up the Pacific Coast to Vancouver-Looking for suggestions and possible riding partners

I'm planning a several months cycle trip. I live in B.C. Canada, my idea is to fly to Phoenix maybe in March, cycle around the warmer parts of Arizona for a month or so, then make my way up north of LA to cycle up the Pacific Coast back to Vancouver. I probably like to be back middle to end of May, so that I have time to fly to Halifax and cycle from there to Toronto, where I attend a Tai Chi workshop on August 8th. I'm still trying to figure out the best direction to cycle the Pacific Coast( I considered to start later in April-May and cycle down the coast to San Francisco, then fly to Halifax, that would mean as I've heard, I might have a better chance for having the wind in my back and also I would cycle on the right side of the road, considering, that the view is on the right)So if anyone has some thoughts about this, I'm open for suggestions. thanks!

I cycled twice in Australia, 3 and 5 month( Cairns to Cooktown and back through the outback, and Tasmania)and twice in NZ (5 and 8 months top to bottom), a lot of it by myself. On this trip though I would like to have someone join me either for the whole trip, or even if you have only a couple of weeks and would like to join me for some time, that would be great too.
I live on a hilly island and am riding several times a week to get to town, so I'm relatively fit, but any man can outride me I guess. Usually I cycle 60-80km per day on trips depending on terrain sometimes more or less. So I'm looking to share the ride with someone, who appreciates the shared adventures even though he/she might have to wait occasionally on the top of a hill. Just having fun and enjoying the scenery, company and new impressions.

Anyone, anytime is welcome to contact me. [email protected]

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From San Francisco Bay Area

First let me say that I would enjoy riding one or two days with you on the Pacific Coast Bike trail. And, of course, you are welcome to stay at my home.

I have ridden the Paciific Coast Bike route three times from SF to LA. All three times were in the Spring (May/June). I would never consider riding it north. Contrary to others experience, the winds are consistently from the Northwest most of the year. And in the afternoons, they can be 35 knots. This doesn't make for a good riding experience. So I recommend you ride from North to South if you can.

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Change of plans

Hi Paul,
I've decided to take that trip down the coast in September, most likely not this year though. Lots of reasons for that, and the wind is one of them and I can start right from home. Thanks for letting me know about your riding experience and your offer to stay with you. If you don't mind and you are still where you are and open for it, I will contact you, when the time comes closer. Same to you, if you come to BC and to Salt Spring Island, please contact me for a place to stay.
I am leaving for New Foundland beginning of May, cycling Nova Scotia, Quebec for 3 months. I'm expecting somewhat chilly temperatures, so I like to plan some cycling before that in a rather warm place. Still on the list is Arizona or Hawaii. Just fly there and back for 4 weeks.
I will put a separate thread for Hawaii.
thanks, Stephanie

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az trip

Hola Stephanie...well the trip to AZ I believe is real interesting,I made a trip this past dec/10 to the Tucson south area and it was just excellent.
Actually I would like to make it again,or maybe the central and north part of AZ.

If you want to do Tucson south area,let me know and I will give you my trip log.
I was there for 10 days,and I guess by March is a better time,in Dec it was morning and the evenings.cold,but the rest of the day just the perfect weather for biking.
The best thing to go in March is the time,it gets sunrise around 6 am and the sunset around 7 pm,in dec it was the main problem,sunrise about 7 am and sunset by the 5 not to much time with lightday.
Now regarding the the wind in the pacific coast,well I believe its not so bad in our speed,I believe that wind is important for a bike race.
matter of experience.
Now why to go north from LA?....what about a bike trip from San Diego to Baja?....I have LA CASA DEL CICLISTA,(CHECK my file in WSL,)in ENSENADA, depends of your time to go around.
In case if you like the idea of the Baja trip,let me know,I can go with you from San Diego to Ensenada.
I'm from mexico living in RIVERSIDE CA,USA,but LA CASA DEL CICLISTA is Ensenada.
Let me know if you want to try this trip and I will give you a better description of the trip.
Good trip

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Trip south

I'll keep your suggestions in mind for when I go south. Spending a few weeks in March down there sounds great. I like the idea of going into Mexico and having a riding partner to get into Mexico is very appealing. I have to see if I can afford both trips, Eastern Canada and Mexico. I would love to know more about the trip between San Diego and Ensenada. But you don't have to spend time writing about it now. I can get back to you, when the time is closer to planning this trip.
Thanks very much and happy cycling to you,

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