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cycle medellin to cartagena

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cycle medellin to cartagena

I am planning on cycling from medellin to cartagena from the start of feb 2013. Has anybody done this route? and has information, regarding best routes, safety, and good places to stop. Also if anybody is also doing this route around the same time, would you like to cycle some of it together.


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Medellin to Cartagena

Hi Tommy,
We cycled this route back in 2009, here is the blog we wrote at the time.
Hope this helps.

We loved Colombia and it turned out to be one of our favourite countries, as long as you stick to the main routes we did not have any issues.
Have a great trip.
Dave and Kelly

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We went the other way in

We went the other way in 2008, and have full mileage and elevation information at - you'll find some blog posts in that time period as well,

Colombia is a wonderful country, and they love cyclists!

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Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I have read your links and the information was helpful and also encouraging. Im sure it will be a great cycle ride. It sounded like alot of your ride was uphill. With me going the other wat through the mountains Im guessing it should be more down hill, with exception to leaving medellin initially. If you can remeber any highlights of the ride, or any tips on places to stay, id love to hear.

Once again many thanks.

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We didn't have any trouble

We didn't have any trouble finding places to stay. There was one huge uphill for us, which will be one huge downhill for you. And the coastal section is ALL flat. But the part from Medellin to the downhill will be up and down, as I remember.

I don't think our info about specific places to stay would be of any use to you by now, but we didn't have any trouble finding lodging.

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Ok thanks again. I have

Ok thanks again. I have been reading your blogs, they are great and interesting to read. Sounds like a great journey.

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