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Cycling along the Northern Namibian Border

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Cycling along the Northern Namibian Border

I'm currently doing a 1600km solo cycle along the Northern Namibian border, in the area where the SA Border war was taking place in the '70s & '80s. This comming week I'll be going through the Caprivi zone. Anyone had any cycling experience in the Caprivi? Any information will be appreciated. Antoinette

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Dear Antoinette,... I am

Dear Antoinette,...

I am stunned with your plans to cycle the norther Namibian border zone...
I never cycled there, but I did visit the area in 2006, I drove for a part alon teh Angola river into Himba territories.
I hope you drive an ATB (All Terrain Bike) as road conditions along the river are in parts very dodgy, Nambibia has clos to no asphalted roads.
Also be carefull driving through Himba lands, many of these family tribes tend to have alcohol addictions, very visible along the roads where mountains of glass pile up. Be aware of glass particles around these piles...
Also himba-land is very poorly populated, just like teh rest of Namibia and buying food may be problematic, so take enough food and water supplies. Generally it is advised to take a 5 day supply when you're setting out by yourself. Bike technicians are nowhere to be found, I guess.

Good luck with teh trip and enjoy Namibia, it's been one of my most beautifull ever trips! if you like to see some pictures.


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Sucessfully completed my trip

Hi Steven,
Thanks for all the tips. Proud to announce that I have completed the trip very sucessfully. Good news is that the road from Ruacana to Livingstone is all tarred. The sad news is that alcholism is still a big problem. Good news: I had not a single puncture! The western side (towards Ruacana - Himba Land) is much more populated than towards the west (Kavango Region). Woman alone self-support cyclist I had absolutely no problems. The locals were most friendly and helpful. Even did some wild camping and everyone's main concern was the wild animals.


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Good to hear!

I am very happy to hear all went well.
I'm reading your trip report with pleasure.


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