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Cycling from Brighton, UK to Israel and the West Bank

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Cycling from Brighton, UK to Israel and the West Bank


I'm in the very early stages of planning a long cycle ride from Brighton, UK to Israel and the West Bank. I plan to leave in March 2013 and I have a fair bit of time, potentially until end of Aug 2013. I've just come back from a six week cycle tour so I have done some cycle touring before and have got most of the necessary kit. However, I would love some advice on the following:

1. the route I should take! I'm very flexible so I'd love some advice on particularly nice routes and places en route.
2. I don't want to fly at all so have been looking at getting a boat from cyprus/greece either to israel or to egypt. I've found some information about this already but if anyone has any new/recent updates, please let me know!
3. Monies. People who have done a similar thing before - how much money would be realistic? Obviously it's going to vary a lot, but I'm happy to do some wild camping, some warm showers and some hostelling. Happy to forgo expensive meals but don't want to go hungry!

Any other advice people think of would also be much appreciated.

Many thanks and happy cycling :)

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Hi Maiath As far as I know

Hi Maiath

As far as I know there are no boat/ferry from Cyprus to either Israel and/or Egypth. There used to be a ferry, but no more :(

If you don't know the Danube Radweg (eurovelo 6) it would be a nice route, starting in Saint Nazaire (France) and going all the way trough France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and than you could ride through Bulgaria (which is wonderfull and cheap) to Turkey..... and than to israel I don't know but propably flying ?!?!

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